I’ve finished all five days of the letrozole dosage, and I am pleased at how few side effects I have experienced so far. I have not had any of the nausea, hot flashes, or hair loss that are potential issues presented by this medication. What I am experiencing is significant fatigue. I mean 13 hours of sleep and I am still tired when I wake up levels of fatigue. I suppose if my body is working hard to produce extra eggs, that may be an expected side effect. As is the fact that my estrogen levels are supposed to be lower than usual, which is likely to cause some shifts.

Interestingly, my Husband says he thinks I actually seem more stable than I have been for a while – less volatile, less touchy, less emotional. That surprises me, but from the excessive amount of reading I have been doing, it seems lower estrogen = lower cortisol = more level emotional state and less of a stress experience. That in itself is worth a lot for me, as my high stress level has been a huge amount of baggage for me for a long time. I can’t find any useful research that is able to suggest to me what results I should expect from continuing to take this medication. And honestly, since my body does not generally respond according to normal parameters, I’m not sure finding that information would be particularly valuable. Mostly I just feel the need to keep searching for any and all information I can until we have the answer I want.

So… onward into the breech…


Letrozole, Round One

I’m on day three of my first round of letrozole. I am pleasantly surprised by how little I feel so far in terms of side effects. The only one I have been able to detect is a minor weird feeling/taste in my mouth for about two hours after I take the pills. I have two more days of this and then it’s just a matter of letting the ovums fall as they may… And having lots of timely sex. My Husband is quite pleased by that need, and it is useful that the timing fits between Christmas and New Years, when we both have more time off and fewer work responsibilities for a week – not a small thing in two crazy workaholics like us.

The lack of side effects gives me hope that I can actually continue to take this, and that it will result in a successful pregnancy. And if it does not happen, then… then we know that a biological child is not in our cards, and we can look into other avenues for parenthood without the reservations that have held us back so far.